Teaching Ministers

This program consists of 4 steps.

Step 1 Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) Program

The Spiritual Education and Enrichment (S.E.E.) Program consists of 25 ten-hour classes (250 hours -- to be earned within a 10 year period), which affords Unity students the opportunity to learn Unity basics through these foundation classes. They may all be taught in your local ministry or region by a Unity minister, a Licensed Unity Teacher, or by attending Unity Institute's (S.E.E.) Program during Weeks A & B. 

Step 2 The Leadership Program

The Leadership Program consists of two parts:
The first part: 12 ten-hour classes (120 hours) during 3 different Week Cs offers Licensed Unity Teacher Candidates an in depth leadership training at Unity Institute. 
The second part: Completion of a 60 hour Practicum and 40 hour Specialty Courses/Classes--which are "hands on” learning in your home ministry in agreement with your recommending minister.

Step 3 The Skills Demonstration Seminar (SDS)

The Skills Demonstration Seminar is a week long event sponsored by our Association of Unity Churches. The final requirement necessary to become a Licensed Unity Teacher is held 3 times a year, spring, summer and fall following each Unity Institute's Week C. It provides the Licensed Unity Teacher Candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their teaching skills, to network by sharing information and to learn more about their role as a Licensed Unity Leader. 

Step 4 Association’s General Written Test and Psychological Written Test/Interview

The Associations General Written Test and Psychological Written Test/ Interview are given to Leadership Program candidates at Unity Village during their final Week B.  Leadership Program Candidates who are in Week C will be given The Association’s General Written Test and Psychological Written Test/ Interview at their SDS.

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher please contact 
Rev. Mary Lacalle or one of our Licensed Unity Teachers.

Reverends Bob & Margie Brach
Offering practical, spiritual teachings that empower abundant and meaningful living.
Rev. Bob was ordained in 2009 at Unity Institute, earning a Masters in Divinity. He hosts the Unity Online Radio FM Show: Unity Classic Radio: Words from our Past featuring unpublished talks and lessons of Unity's co-founder: Charles Fillmore. He conducts SEE classes, Unity Basics classes, and workshops on "The Rhetoric of Charles Fillmore." Rev. Bob is the online Bible instructor for the Unity Urban Ministerial School ordination path. In addition to his speaking and teaching, he leads gentle yoga classes.

Rev. Margie served as Director of Credentialing, overseeing ordination of new Unity ministers, with Unity Worldwide Ministries, from 2007 to 2012, before returning home to California in 2012. She serves as Senior Minister of her alternative ministry: Unity in Action, supporting the Unity Ministries of Northern California with guest-speaking, teaching and workshops. Rev. Margie currently serves on the Board of the West Central Region of Unity Churches.