What is a Unity Prayer Chaplain?

Unity of Roseville has a team of trained, committed Prayer Chaplains who will stand with you in prayer. They will listen and acknowledge your challenges and joys, and speak the spiritual Truth, so that you can hear it and remember it for yourself.

The role of our Prayer Chaplains is, quite simply, to pray. Chaplains are not counselors or advice-givers. The core of the Prayer Chaplain commitment is to:

• Hold spiritual space. To hold spiritual space means to stay in a space of non-judgment, to be open to the highest possibilities of Divine Intelligence, and to see the Christ Light in the face of the person to whom they are listening.

• Lovingly listen. To lovingly listen means to listen with an open heart, without judgment, and to be completely focused on and available to the speaker.

• Pray from the heart. To pray from the heart is to listen to the guidance of the Divine and to speak authentically, remembering that this is a prayer, not a performance!

• Hold in confidence what is shared. The last essential piece is a commitment to confidentiality. Chaplains know that a sacred trust is placed in them, and that their commitment to confidentiality is the foundation of people feeling safe enough to open their hearts and share their stories. Without this last and important piece, the Prayer Chaplain Program could not exist.

Monthly Prayer Chaplain Contact

Prayer chaplains share monthly inspirational blessing messages with members, and respond to requests for specific prayers through their email address: prayerchaplain2017@outlook.com. These messages are also available to congregants who would like to receive them. You do not need to be a member of the church to receive a blessing message, but we do ask that you attend Unity of Roseville and consider this to be your church home. If you choose to be on our contact list you will receive monthly email messages from your assigned prayer chaplain. If you do not use email, they will be happy to write you a note with an affirmation or blessing.

If you would like to be on a prayer chaplain contact list, please send a message to Unity of Roseville from our website www.unityroseville.com or use our outlook address above.

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Prayer Chaplains

                                Prayer Chaplain Director: Bobbie Spivey
Bobbie has received advanced training to be Unity of Roseville's Prayer Chaplain Trainer, by the Program Founder: Rev. Lei Lanni Burt
~ Hillarie Allison ~ Jan Johnston ~ Becky Morgan ~ 
~ Angela Paccini ~ Bobbie Spivey

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You may contact the 
Unity Prayer Chaplains: 

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