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Rev. Charline Manuel, author of the book: The Power of One Accord provided the West Central Region as well as Unity of Roseville board and key leaders guidelines for operating as a Board of Trustees. She said the board members are answering a calling of Spirit, with the focus being one of harmony. Great effort and a commitment to do the required work - inner and outer - is required in order to achieve "Christ centered harmony." Board meetings are steeped in prayer, anchoring all in Spirit - before business.

Rev. Charline provides 7 Spiritual Keys for the team, as follows:

PURPOSE: an opportunity to participate in the great assignment, by Spirit, to serve.
COMMONALITY: installation, orientation, trainings designed as opportunities to bind the board together in unity of purpose.
TRUST: allow for frequent, collective prayer as a relationship-builder and faith-strengthener. Collective prayer allows us to choose which we decide to position for.
VALUE: support and encourage spiritual renewal - for board members and the minister. This provides ongoing growth and development.
RESPONSIBILITY: prayerfully, we work with Spirit to assemble a carefully-crafted team, so we have spiritual partners sitting at the table of the board.
AGREEMENT: strive to operate the ministry and affairs with the bounds of Spiritual Laws that govern giving and receiving.
LEGACY: it's a gift to be in spiritual partnership with a Divinely-appointed team of like-minded others. Have Spirit design the team and enjoy the assignment.