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The Relationship of Tithing to Prosperity Consciousness

Tithing is a spiritual practice that is intended to expand your prosperity consciousness. Tithing practiced correctly is a movement of spiritual energy through your mind, heart and hands. It is very important to understand that tithing prospers you when you practice correctly.

The correct practice of tithing is more a matter of quality of thought and feeling than of quantity of money.Tithing should be an effect of inner positive attitudes generating a positive energy into the world through a spiritual community. Prosperity consciousness generates positive energy which attracts physical manifestations of property.

The attitude behind correct tithing can be stated in the form of affirmations. By persistently mentally repeating affirmations, you can help develop the attitudes necessary for prosperity consciousness behind correct tithing. Here are a few examples of prosperity-attitude affirmations:

* God is the infinite source of good. There is always more than enough.

* Divine love flowing through me prospers all abundantly.

* Positive spiritual energy flows through my mind, hearts and hands, prospering all that I do.

* The presence of God fills me with joy and gratitude.

* God is omnipotent good, therefore I have positive expectations right now.

Spiritual affirmations are statements based upon faith in the omnipotence and goodness of the Source of all. As your consciousness of God expands, statements of spiritual truth will occur to you spontaneously.

Attitudes express as actions and actions reinforce attitudes. Expressing love and appreciation feels good; the good feeling is both reward and motivation to express more love and appreciation.

Tithing is an act of love and appreciation which expands your "more than enough" consciousness. Tithing practiced correctly is an expression of prosperity consciousness, which in return increases prosperity.

Tithing is a "contract with God", a commitment to experiencing the Presence and Power of God n your life; it is a pray and an act of faith. It is an act of loving generosity which supports spiritual work, teachings and community. Tithing is also an act of courage, for it risks "looking foolish" to non-believers and there is no way to "scientifically prove" that "it works". Nevertheless those who are committed to tithing from the spiritual perspective prove to themselves the truth that it works.

Technically, tithing is giving 10 percent of your income to support your church or spiritual community. Just as correct tithing by an individual prospers the individual, correct tithing by a local ministry to its national organizations prospers the local ministry. When spiritual communities flourish, it glorifies God, the spiritual teachings and the community as a whole. The more prosperous a spiritual community becomes, the more positive energy it radiates to the world and the more good services it can provide for the larger community.

Rev. James Gaither in partnership with Unity Worldwide Ministries